About Westfall Publishing

Westfall Publishing is a publishing company that specializes in helping entrepreneurs become best selling authors. Whether you are looking to write your first book or you need help with the entire process, we can help. We specialize in making the process of writing and publishing a successful book as easy as possible for our clients so they have more time to focus on what matters most-their business!

Our Process


Get your idea validated before you write it. Know whether or not your idea is worth pursuing. Save time and money on writing a book that nobody wants to read. Commit to your idea and begin the pre-launch strategy to build the hype.


Develop a clear, easy to follow roadmap for your book. Save hours of time and avoid writer's block trying to figure out where to start and what to do next.

Write Your First Draft FAST

Save time by following the outline you developed. and get professional results in a fraction of the time. Use some of our recommended resources to avoid having type the book to save even more time.


You will have a great looking cover that people can't overlook. Your content inside the book must look professional and be easy to read and understand.


The most books are typically purchased during the pre-launch and launch phase. Get a copy of your book in front of the right people. Reaching #1 Best Seller will be much more attainable with a successfully executed launch strategy.

On-going Marketing

Save time and energy on marketing efforts using automation. Keep your book in the spotlight and continue to find clients who are a good fit for you and your business.

The Team

Adam J Westfall

Founder, Adam Westfall, comes from the insurance and financial services industry. He is the president of Westfall Insurance Inc. Located in Portland, Oregon


He always knew he wanted to write a book, but he never thought it was a real possibility like most people. But after working with some mentors and working in a competitive industry like insurance, he knew he had to be different.


His desire to be better reshaped what he thought was possible, and he went on to produce 2 best-selling books within 1 year, one of which was a #1 Bestseller. He also wrote the foreword for another book that was a #1 best seller in 3 different categories! 


He started Westfall Publishing because he wanted to help other aspiring business authors and leaders who were where he was and have always wanted to write their very own best-selling book. 

adam j westfall
Catlin Cram

Catlin Cram (@ccsocially)

Catlin is a stay-at-home power wife and mother to two children. She has been in charge of the cover design and formatting for our clients needing those services. She is also a social media manager and brand designer for business owners through her company CC Socially. Her passion is helping small businesses build, grow, and thrive in the virtual space!